Change the world with paint.
Paintpam.Inc is a special paint manufacturer to make the customized special paint based on research and development by accepting customers’ needs. We have developed S-paint for Glass, S-paint for Wall and M-Paint products and We are developing new.
S-paint is spreading throughout the world
We recruit either agency or distributor to expand the distribute channel. Distribution of products is done through on-off line. You can purchase the product through your local distributor by contacting
Best for quality
We supply installation service with S-paint PRO product. The S-paint PRO product is specialized in installation service which is the best quality anywhere anytime. It is possible that you can take this service to ask for the installation with your local agency
Not to worry
Configure projector settings for your specific environment, If you want to buy the product from us, we can provide it in reasonable price. This service consists of the product group which is the best suitable. We are also providing rental service to reduce the burden to buying the product.
Controlling, anywhere, anytime.
Never mind your video; it will be controlled by central control system. Without connecting with PC directly, you can automatically control the video or image by using internet.
Making video what they needed situationally
We can help you to make the video what you want to message to your customers efficiently You can take advantage which is able to replace the video with reasonable price frequently.