S-paint for Glass,

Screen paint that can be easily install on glass or transparent surfaces.

Painting on the windows of the building and use a beam projector on painted place to make clear images from inside or outside the building . S-paint can be applied to indoor and outdoor advertisement by applying to a building with transparent glass surface.

It will be installed like on the image.

Transparent glass window + beam projector + SPG(S-paint for Glass)

With 150ml capacity of SPG DIY create your own 100” screen.
Simple installation, perfect screen!
Everything is solved with one roller.
If you no longer need it, you can easily remove it.
* Capacity : 150ml
* Appearance : Liquid / Soft blue white
* Surface finish: Translucent / lighting available
* Theoretical usage : 3.0㎡ / 1 time painting
Consider loss and surface conditions when installing.
* Surface : Glass / Acrylic / Lexan Other transparent materials
* Storage time : 6 months (5~38℃ indoor storage)
* Dilution rate : less than 10%(water for drinking)
at high temperature, no dilution at room temperature
Surface cleanup
Paint preparation and masking
Remove masking
Natural drying (30 minutes)
Surface Cleanup
• If using masking tape, remove masking tape immediately after painted.
•Bubbles and roller stains are visible before drying, but after drying, the surface is clean while spreading.
•Do not use on kitchens, bathrooms, or other glass surfaces exposed to water.
•Theoretical cover area should be calculated considering loss and surface condition.
•Do not clean the glass surface before it is completely dry(3 weeks)
(Do not spray water on the painted surface, please wipe with a dry rag.)
•The appearance may differ depending on the worker.
•Keep the remaining screen paint in a sealed, cool place.
•Dispose of it in accordance with applicable regulations. Unauthorized disposal or incineration is harmful to natural ecosystems and is prohibited.